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 USA 2014
Storm over Marble Canyon
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 Storm over Marble Canyon 
After researching the favoured sites for sunset on the Grand Canyon North Rim, we drove along the edge of the Walhalla Plateau to Cape Royal in good time for sundown. Although the views from there were indeed spectacular, the cloud came in and it started to rain, so we gave up and started to head back. On the drive back the sky suddenly started to glow, and on pulling into the viewpoint at Vista Encantada we witnessed this spectacular storm over the rim over Marble Canyon, on the other side of the Colarado river. The ground below us glowed red - and there was even a red rainbow. There wasn't time to set up my tripod, so I bracketted exposures handheld. This image is a combination of several exposures in Photomatix Pro and Lightroom, but it is difficult to do justice to the magnificence of the lighting  - which only lasted a short 10 minutes or so.